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Samyata Commerce Platform
Samyata e-Commerce Platform

A retail commerce platform

A new and efficient retail commerce platform and ecosystem to bring stores, shoppers, and personal shoppers in a geographically specific, simple buying/selling experience.

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deyapay Payments

Pay for it the way you want with deyaPay

A payment system that improves the way payments are processed within Bodaty apps. Create your deyaPay account now to manage your earnings and purchases in an easier and more integrated way.

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The ChatMemoirTM

Connect with your family by recording and passing on your wisdom and knowledge to them.

Memoir Of Life

ChatMemoir is an app where we ask you about your childhood, education, career, experiences, habits, etc. and use that information to compose a Memoir of your life.

You can share your story with as many people you want. We would love to see you passing on your wisdom to future generations.

We use an AI Bot that verbally interviews you and recognizes information from your spoken answers to automatically create your Memoir.

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Kiddoflock lets grandparents give the gift of their memories to their grandchildren and other family members. You can get all the details about their life events through Kiddoflock. Learn from their wisdom and share their love. Use Kiddoflock to ask your grandparents to record their Memoir through the ChatMemoir app.

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Electron microscopy services
Electron microscopy services

Electron microscopy services for nanoscale materials, including training, specimen preparation, scientific research assistance, and safety management.

Cloud Based Services
Cloud based services for business

Cloud based services for business management and operations, including creating unique ways to scale business processes using cloud technologies.

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