Samyata Vahaka Personal Shopper Compensation Policy

Last Modified: September 15, 2019

At Bodaty, we are proud to provide people with flexible work opportunities that allow them to be their own boss, make meaningful money, and explore their community.

As someone who delivers using Bodaty’s Samyata Vahaka Personal Shopper platform (a “Vahaka” or “Personal Shopper”), you will regularly interact with merchants and consumers. The most successful Personal Shoppers are able to perform deliveries quickly, efficiently, and professionally, providing a great experience for everyone on the platform and resulting in more deliveries per hour and more money.

We want to be clear, upfront, and transparent about the potential earnings and what Personal Shoppers can do to earn more. If you have additional questions about Bodaty, please contact us through email at



Customers who place an order through Samyata Vahaka are asked to rate each delivery on a scale of one to five stars. These ratings are used to calculate a running average which is in combination with certain minimum transaction requirements then treated as the composite Rating of the Personal Shopper. Ratings are critical to the success of the Samyata Vahaka Personal Shopping platform because they help ensure that the deliveries completed through the platform are high in quality. Personal Shoppers that are consistently late, deliver orders with missing items, or behave unprofessionally, typically receive lower ratings.

How it affects you:

Each Personal Shoppers must maintain a minimum threshold rating to continue using the Samyata Vahaka platform. This minimum threshold rating is determined at the sole discretion of Bodaty. You are responsible for monitoring your rating and ensuring that you are providing the best service to our customers. However, as a courtesy we may (though not required or mandatory) let you know if your rating starts falling near the threshold level. If your rating falls below the threshold, your account may be deactivated.

These ratings also determine your categorization as follows:

Star Rating Running Average Personal Shopper Category
1 Star Rookie
2 Star Pro
3 Star AllStar
4 Star Certified Level 1
5 Star Certified Level 2

When Samyata Shoppers request a Personal Shopper, they put in a “bid” of how much they are willing to pay. Shoppers are often willing to pay more to work with someone with a higher rating, and can request you as their Personal Shopper again for future transactions if they had a pleasant experience. If the Shopper does not request a specific Personal Shopper, their bid will be compared against the available Personal Shoppers’ stated (ask) price ranges to see if there is any close match between the bid and ask prices. When you create your profile as a personal shopper you will be asked to indicate “Your desired fee”, this indicates the least amount you are willing to perform a personal shopping task for and is used in the aforementioned matching process with shopper bids for personal shopping. You may update this fee at any time by editing your profile, however, if you accept a personal shopping task at a particular rate, you are bound to perform the task at that rate.

Bodaty will take a percentage of your earnings for each personal shopping task performed. The percentage that Bodaty deducts from your personal shopping fee for each personal shopping fee is currently set at 30%. This may be updated periodically at Bodaty’s sole discretion and the rate is indicated through either an update to this compensation policy or through a notice on the website or email or app notification.

All compensation for personal shopping tasks is paid into your deyaPay account which is created for you when you sign up as a personal shopper in the Samyata system. You may use the deyaPay pages in the Samyata Personal Shopper phone app and/or the deyaPay phone app or website to access your account and transfer money in and out of your deyaPay account. Since the Samyata Vahaka Personal Shopper uses deyaPay (the payments service and accounts system offered by Bodaty), your use of Samyata Vahaka Personal Shopper is also subject to the terms relevant to the deyaPay Payments Terms of Service. The “Bodaty deyaPay Payments Terms of Service” available at apply to your use of deyaPay.